Breakfast in Bed

Lance and iolana are sleeping, still.

I think I will surprise them with Hello!Kitty chocolate chip waffles in bed. With some fresh cut flowers from the garden.
A wee pitcher of syrup. Fresh squeezed orange juice, hot hazelnut coffee for Lance and hot chocolate for io.

The mockingbird that lives outside our window is starting her morning song. She has been heartbroken, as of late, since Shadow, our beautiful all gray cat, captured her lover and all we found were feathers strewn next to the sunflower

But this morning she sounds hopeful, she sounds as if she has found her footing and is giving up all the glory she can.

This is the same bird who used to live over on Montclaire when Lily was first born. I know you are thinking…uh…Hickman…that would be a ten year old mockingbird…not possible!

But I say:
Never doubt that joy can follow you on wings of gossamer and charm.

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