Lily’s Show

I forgot to mention Lily’s rock-n-roll camp ended Thursday, with a gianormous concert at the Broken Spoke that night.

Her band was called SLEEP ROCKER and rock they did…

Lily was the front woman…wailing away on Rolling Stones and Little Richard songs….she has a new Greek fishing cap, denim black, with silver stars across the bridge. And she wore a J.Geils striped shirt and blue jeans she decorated with “ROCK” and a skull and crossbones. To top it off, she threw a cream colored sash around her neck.

She stands so still and focused when she performs. Occasionally, she’ll make a flick of her wrist and wiggle her shoulders. But, wow, what a voice.
She sounds like a young Toni Braxton!!!

Then we all went out to Kerbey Lane to celebrate. A tradition for two years now!

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