Gooooood Morning, Blogathon!

Ah, the sun isn’t even blogging yet, although I sense it will be curling it’s rays upon it’s own keyboard within thirty two minutes…

What will the day bring?
How many blogs will I actually enter?
What will I see…? Who will I meet…?

Yes! Time to let Lucky out to pee and then I will come back online in about half an hour and write up something profound.

Hmm. What will that be. Perhaps a wee bit of Tao Pooh, like this:

“What will you blog?,” asked Piglet to Pooh-Bear.

“Things of the day,” answered Pooh.

“What sorts of things, Pooh?” Piglet scrunched up his little pink nose and looked quite concerned.

“Rumbly-tumbly sorts of things,” smiled Pooh.

“Oh, yes!” clapped Piglet. “The best sorts of things are ALWAYS rumbly-tumbly!”

“And followed by a tasty smackering of honey, dear Piglet,” said Pooh.

And the blogging began with toast and honey and a black and white pup named Lucky and a lovely, sleepy morning lady ready to take the world on with her smile.

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