I Will Remember You, Everyday

We performed live on KGSR yesterday, and can I just say that Bryan Beck is a true gentleman? Not only that, I can tell he genuinely loves what he is doing…sharing music. We performed “Comfort’s Sigh” and later Bryan played “This Too Will Pass” and plugged our upcoming show at Rutumaya.

We also went on KUT a few weeks back with the stunning John Aielli, one of the remaining gurus in the radio world. John is the kind of master programmer who can string songs together by the most abstract facts, and his knowledge of music/musicians/sounds, from classical to jazz to contemporary pop is really striking. We had a great hour on the radio, and the band did an awesome job.

So, I’d like to thank these two music lovers for giving me the airtime to share my songs live.

AND…I’d like to thank all the folks who called in to KGSR and supported my appearance. I could not do this without you. I remember you, everyday, as I am working my toukis off here at the office…I am remembering why I make the music and why I record it and where it has the potential to lead us….

Since I last wrote, this is what has transpired:

I will have NEWBORN and BIG KID in the Femail Creations Holiday Catalog….very excited about this new partnership!

Stingray attended the NARAS P & E (Producers & Engineers) event with Geoff Emerick and Chuck Rainey at the Austin City Limits Soundstage. Geoff was the engineer for the Beatles early work…He was incredibly interesting, and his stories of behind the scenes while recording the songs was mesmerizing. Everyone in attendance was leaning forward in their chairs, soaking up his recollections…and, then, when he would finish talking about the “boys” in his English accent, Malcolm Harper would pop in a sound clip…and everyone would sway in the reverie of hearing about what had happened during the making of that song.

Today I went to an all day NARAS “retreat” at the new Hyatt of the Lost Pines. We discussed the Academy, The Grammys, membership, direction, plans for the future, and got to really spend time with all the governors on the board. I really enjoy being on this board. Everyone is very involved, and with Music Cares and Grammys in the Schools as just two of the programs we extend out into the communities, we are an organization that is more than the little gold statue. We are an organization that wants to educate, advocate and support musicians in their journeys.

I have more to talk about, but I hear giggling in the next room, so I’m going to go join my girls.

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