Happiness and Tears

Tonight, Lance was on the sofa and I was in the kitchen making tea, when to the tune of “Dradle, Dradle, Dradle…I Made You Out
of Clay” he burst into this song, singing like some giant nine year old boy:

“Oh, ladle ladle ladle! You’re such a giant spoon!
And when I am a werewolf, I will howl at the moon!”

I could not stop laughing…I mean, I was literally DOUBLED over, tears running down my cheeks, and gasping for air…once I finally
could stand up and breathe again, I yelled out, “DO IT AGAIN!”

And he sang it and I tell you what, this is why I LOVE BEING MARRIED to Lance. Because he makes me laugh and laugh, and then the
girls start laughing, and before you know it, iolana was cha-cha-chaing and making up her own verses about spoons and
I just laughed with love love love. Good God! Unbelievable! I am so blessed.

Then, my friend, Cat, sent this email, and I was so saddened to hear the news:


I only met Jennifer once. What a very kind and sparkling woman. I didn’t know she was homeless… That makes me even sadder.
And I know that we will, now, include her name next November 16 at the Sunrise House the Homeless Service. Oh,
what a loss that we ever have to read ANY names….

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