John McCain’s Speech

It’s odd how Sarah Palin’s speech had substance, yet John McCain really had nothing to say. He stole Dennis Kucinich’s “Stand up!” and he borrowed the change mantra from Obama.
But, mostly, there wasn’t anything McCain said about HOW he would change the government, or stand up to corporate America OR help get things “back on track” and to the “basics”.
He did say that Sarah Palin has “worked with her hands and nose…” which made me laugh out loud because it came across completely unintentional and I wasn’t laughing
at him, but more so, understanding that he’s just not a public speaker and was doing the best he could and it was a comical slip…he then corrected himself quickly to
move on to say Sarah has worked with her hands and KNOWS etc.

Also, I think Presidents should have to be diplomats and bi-partisan and speak at BOTH conventions, or not speak at all. It is dangerous, especially watching Bush with his strange leer,
talking about how McCain was strong enough to stand up to attacks by the Vietnamese so he’ll certainly be able to stand up to attacks by the extreme liberal left.

A President no longer seems to have the fortitude and wherewithall to be a leader for ALL of America, and we are perilously close to a corpocracy that will lock the door and throw
away the key for good.

Obama may not have certain experiences (Sarah Palin definately has more government experience), but I will give you this. There is something about him that rings true to me.
I pray to God that he speaks with determination, honesty and clarity about the change he will bring to Washington—that he lays out facts and plans, no matter how boring that is to
the American people—because this is, indeed, the time, and it is now or never.

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