MY THOUGHTS on the RNC and why you should call in on behalf of these protesters

Please read below and raise your voice to help those who are being unfairly detained.

And may I say that the RNC on tv comes across as the worst sort of propaganda. I don’t know about you, but I kept finding my mouth
dropping open…not from disbelief, but because I was falling asleep from the relentless malarky. Look, I don’t have anything against John
McCain (except the way he talks about his wife is atrocious and inappropriate, so I wonder how he talks to his daughters. And the women
on his staff?) but to hear President Bush verbally attack those of opposing positions is so small minded, and to hear the audience roar
with appreciation has me completely worried about this country. This “us” and “them” mentality has got to stop. Although there was
some of the same tom foolery at the DNC, I HEARD Obama clearly say, “Let’s stop the accusations of who is less patriotic and get to the core issues.”

I’m reading “What is the What” and if you haven’t read it, give it some of your time. If only because it is the reality of what happens to human
beings when governments/tribes/people get out of control and wreak real havoc without care for the outcome or longterm damage.

I tell you, this moment in history for the United States is crucial—the tipping point. If we continue to let corporations rule this country, I am
afraid all of our democracies will continue to decline and we are headed for a world in which there will be little chance of turning the tide.
This is the moment to speak out. This is the moment. And I say this as a woman with a smart head on her shoulders and experiences in the
world of corporate power, the worlds of those who have not, and those on the brink of becoming those who will have not.

Action Alert: RNC Protesters and Journalists Arrested in St. Paul


Hundreds of protesters were arrested at Republican National Convention yesterday and on Sunday.

Journalists were harassed and arrested as well. Amy Goodman, Nicole Salazar, and Sharif Abdel Kaddous of Democracy Now! were arrested. Nicole Salazar was violently tackled by a Minneapolis Police officer (even though they were in St. Paul and video shows that the police knew she was a reporter); Salazar and Abdel Kaddous are now facing felony charges for “participating in a riot” and Goodman faces misdemeanor charges for obstructing a peace officer for asking the police why Salazar was being arrested.

Protect Free Speech and Independent Media!
Call St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman at 651-266-8510.
Call the Ramsey County Jail at 651-266-9350 x 0.
If you get no answer, keep calling!
Demand that those arrested be released and that the police cease all harassment and detention of peaceful protesters.

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  • andy-dog


    I could not agree with you more, Dear One.
    Hundreds of millions spent on campaigns is a ridiculous amount and should be spent on other things. Each candidate should get a modest FIXED amount to spend and anyone caught cheating on that should be kicked off the ballot. The nation is in a rapid decline due to greed and (more importantly) the apathy of its citizens. Maybe you should run for office…I’d vote for you!

  • gregd


    this country was once concerned about the separation of church and state. what we need to be concerned about now is the separation of corporation (big business) and state.

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