The world has gone crazy.

Well, ok, not the world, but the people upon it. The people who are killing one another, oppressing one another, who are enslaving children and monopolizing resources, from money to nature to lives. The gangs of children who are torturing one another, the extremists who feel it is their right to extinguish others of differing viewpoints, the lack of compassion, consideration…

So… This is a simple, delicate video made by Gene, my webmaster extraordanaire, and Lance, my husband extraordanaire… Gene did all the editing/creating, Lance shot the footage of Lily and me. This is my first video in 13 years….

Please take a moment and be a part of the song by hearing the words. Tears for Fears wrote a tremendous song, and I am honored that I was able to license and sing the song on “Motherlode,” my new cd.

Feel free to send others to see it. Help us build a groundswell… I so want to return to music; we, my team and I, are trying everything we know to return my voice to a chaotic world… not for fame, not for glory, but for love.

I want to bring more love to the world.

To let you know… When I was recording the song, I wanted Lily to sing with me on it. Her emotion, and voice, could not be created by anyone other than a child, and she never fails to amaze me with her tremedous ability to interpret: musically, visually, aesthetically… so, she is in the video, as well.

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