My Dad, Jim

I have two dads. My dad, David, and my dad, Jim.

My dad, Jim, had double bi-pass surgery today. He is in ICU right now and doing terrific. He and my mom exercise and lift weights everyday, so the doctors said he was in amazing condition and this will help his recovery be a speedy one.

As my mom and GJ (the girls call him “GJ” for “Grandpa Jim”) are in an RV traveling, they were blessed to be in Spokane, Washington when Tuesday my mom took Jim to a doctor for tightness in his chest.

It blows my mind that there are people in this world who can perform miracles through the gift of wanting to learn, understand and practice medicine. (I’ve never had any desire to be a doctor, although candy striping was fun when I was fourteen, and it was cool to tell my friends I carried tubes of urine to the med-lab! Well…cool and gross….I was a teenager, ya know.) Anyway. Very grateful to the team and doctors who worked on our GJ. Thank you to you out there! We’re relieved and you bring so much to so many.

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  • laurisa


    Thoughts and prayers for Dad Jim’s speedy recovery!

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