Oh-klahoma’s Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…..!

Thurs: Got to OKC with Kristin, picked up our snazzy Chrysler whatcha-ma-callit—it looks very presidential—I upgraded because we ended up giving a ride to Jon Vezner and James Farrell, who were also playing Woodyfest. Fun ride in!

Thursday is now a blur. I went out to the site for dinner with the gang and heard great music and ate Brandy’s amazing back stage catering. It had rained that afternoon, but the show went on out in the field once the sky cleared. Hung out with Greg Johnson (Blue Door) and Joel Rafael, and was driven around on a golf cart by the mandolin player from the Red Dirt Rangers.

Friday: Got up and showered off the OK dust, went to the Okemah part and played a children’s set to a very remarkable group of kids! Five girls, all around 8 or 9, came up with harmonicas, and I realized they were all in the key of C, so we played “Louise” and they took a super solo! Everyone was blown away. Gorgeous day.

Later that afternoon, went to the Crystal Palace and saw Jon Vezner play with Sean (upright) and James (keys.) I love that moldy old theatre. I hope someone renovates it…There was a moment where Jon’s guitar wasn’t working, right at the top of the show, so I hopped up to run out to the car and retrieved my Tak…I have to say, I was a bit of a nervous mom, handing over my baby. I believe Jon is one of the few people to play my guitar…but, wow, how nice to hear it from out in the audience. At one point, there was horrendous feedback, so I hopped up on stage and showed him how to lower the volume…it made a big difference!

Then it was time for me and Kristin at the big stage, so we ran through our rendition of the Phil Ochs songs we had learned for the 10:30 tribute (really lovely songs) and worked some more on the new song I wrote with Rachel Loy, “Size Six Dress”, and made it over to pop up on stage to perform. More on this later. I am meeting my friend, Otis, for a well deserved dinner…

Hope your Saturday is going swimmingly. I really do.
One mama for Obama in Oklahoma

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  • Sara, what a fabulous performance at the Yippee Yi Yo Show in Oklahoma City today. All ages were thoroughly entertained and there was just so much love and joy in that room. (To think, we went for the music!)

    My five-year-old, Ava Raquel, has taped your photograph as well as your autograph on her bedroom wall. She had lots of great things to say about the concert, the sweetest of which was as soon as we got in the car to leave. “Mom, when I go to heaven I’m going to first meet God, and see what he looks like, then I’m going to say hi to Grandma, then I’ll meet your dad, and then I’m going to go find the lady with the guitar.”

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