One More Reason To Use Reason

From my friend, Pat Cosgrove:

Before we collectively enable Bush to destroy another nation, it may be helpful to see what Tehran actually looks likes. Check out the link to the slide show below. A lovely collection of images to share with anyone who might blindly support bombing a place they’ve never seen out of a confused notion it would make us safer.


3 Comments on “One More Reason To Use Reason”

  • John Kelly


    God bless you, Sara. This will be *so* forwarded. grin

  • andy-dog


    Idiot neocons have set their sights on Iran now, as if they have not made enough of a global mess out of everything they have put their grubby little hands on already. Looks like they have had their run and the nation is FINALLY, SLOWLY waking up to the fact that we have all been mislead. The real “axis of evil” lies in the greed of big oil cartels, who want to squeeze every last dime out of oil (and pollute every last molecule of earth’s atmosphere) before relinquishing control to those who are willing to make this a cleaner, less hostile place.
    I know you have been traveling a bit, but I hope you have started riding your bike- gotta get your derriere in condition before 4/28!

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