Philly/Rockville = 3

just got back from an amazing weekend in philadelphia (silver springs) and rockville, maryland…

it was greater than great to spend friday with sean hickey and his astounding, fantastic family…i can NOT say
enough good things about them. especially bam, his mother.

she and i both use the number “3” to express “i love you”, and the minute i saw it written on a sticky note in her apartment, i said, “i love you” and we
both got a twinkle in our eyes. she also collects birdhouses and she is a master japanese brush painter. one heckuva an amazing 70 year old woman!

after the show in silver springs, we went back to sean and janis’ house for a party, and it was so relaxing…full of hilarity and super
conversations. ..ok, and there were cookies present! and i even had a glass of wine! (i know, i was surprised, too!)

one young woman named kat drove an hour with her boyfriend, patrick, to get to the show, and we were just wrapping it up, so
the owner hopped up on stage and asked us to do three more for the “young lady who JUST got here!” and kristin and i burst into “best of times”, to which kat leaned back into her
boyfriend’s arms and sang on the lyrics to him. kristin immediately invited them to the party afterwards, and we sat around laughing and talking about everything from parents
(cuz i have parents and i AM a parent….whoa! so weird to get both sides of it all, now!) to nipple piercings and vampires!!! we were listening to mandy moore’s new cd. very good
stuff. also met jim stephens, who is a cross between ralph fiennes and johnny rotten….with a high, enthusiastic grace inside! he just kept talking about how high he was from the
spiritual aspects of the show…and that was exactly where the conversation went further…taking an audience on a spiritual ride via music via grace. right on, brother!

i have got to figure out a way to get people out to concerts when i tour….the people that come are so enthusiastic and supportive. i just know if the amount of people doubled, it would be bedlam, happiness, noise!
the promoter for the chaplin’s show had called me out of the blue and wanted to bring me up to his venue…so, that’s how i got that gig…only problem was, he didn’t do one ouce of promotions, so i was grateful for my
friends and long time fans who showed up…still, the show in silver springs had me down…there were some temporary worries that the new owner was not going to pay because the old promoter had not left
copies of the contracts, but i had a copy/notes to share, and the new owner was honorable (and a very nice man!) and paid out. whew. that was nerve wracking. i’m glad i kept my cool, and i’m glad kristin was there, too.
she kept me on my feet on stage with compliments and winks!

then, of course this is how it goes!, saturday night was PACKED at the folk-n-great concert, and although the room was really hot and sweaty,
kristin and i had a rockin’ time and sold out of cds at break!! and glen roethel, who opened, was sweet as sweet could be..plays lovely guitar and has the voice of an
angel, and his wife, dawn, is our NEW BEST FRIEND! love her! so, thanks to cheryl and david for a really great “pick me up” for having a packed house and for working hard on behalf of the musicians they host.
by the way, the soup you two made for us all was dee-lish!

thanks to my brother, carlton, and his wife, celeste, who picked us up in philly and drove us back to D.C. and on to rockville and then waited til after the show to drive us to their abode, where i slept pretty well with a giant black and white cat (jake) sleeping on my head throughout the night. i woke up with puffy eyes, but the point is: i woke up! that means i SLEPT! so…i see…i need to have a furry creature on my head to get me into long term REM!

if you have any ideas of what else i could do besides blog, newsletter, myspace, the yahoo chat room, please…don’ t hesistate to tell me/us!
i’m trying not to spread myself too thin…to make my music and perform live takes a ton of energy, but to make all this work requires even more planning/thought…

i couldn’t do it without gene (webmaster/newslett er/idea man) and lance (my husband/runs my myspace/love and support) and mollie
(assistant) and teresa (who was our assistant/helper. ..want to give her major creds, too) and marty (engineer/lifelong pal)

but mostly you cuz you are the ones who pick me up,
who make me laugh and remind me of the best of
times…! living right before our eyes…


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