Blog Critics Review of “Big Bird, Little Bird”

By Miss Bob Etier

Don’t tell my daughter, but when her daughter was young I would sometimes put the VCR on “repeat” and play the same video into the night, trying to get her to sleep. Using the television’s sleep timer, I was spared Blues Clues or Bye-Bye, Birdie playing ad infinitum. The child had an amount of energy and wakefulness that would be admirable if it was mine; however, this three-year-old could outlast me any night. Sure I was jealous, but I was also getting very tired. Oh, how I wish Sara Hickman’s Big Bird, Little Bird was available to sing her to sleep, way back when.

Who is Sara Hickman? She is Texas’ Official State Musician (2010-2011), an honor formerly held by Willie Nelson. She has toured with well known artists, such as Dan Fogelberg, and been recognized for her outstanding efforts on behalf of Habitat for Humanity and Race for the Cure, among others. Hickman has released several CDs, including Toddler (comprised of 31 songs, poems, and stories, each about one minute long) and Big Kid (“24 tracks featuring a variety of musical styles—hip-hop, country, folk, swing, blue grass, and rhythm & blues.”) Both of these recordings have received a number of awards.

Big Bird, Little Bird is based on Hickman’s CD, Newborn; the DVD features sweetly sung songs, and colorful animations and graphics intended as a calm “good night” for the very youngest children. The songs, both a Capella and with simple accompaniment, offer loving and reassuring messages. Billed as “a lyrical video love letter for your newborn,” Big Bird, Little Bird is soothing and pleasant, like a cup of warm milk. And you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn’t welcome the sentiments expressed in “It’s Alright.”

Most of the songs on Big Bird, Little Bird will be new to adult viewers, except for a fresh rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” and a reading of “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” Also included are fourteen parenting tips with which Hickman shares helpful information and advice for the parents of newborns, and some of her own experiences and feelings. Bottom Line: Would I buy Big Bird, Little Bird? Yes, I recommend it highly as a gift for babies, baby showers, and Christenings. It will be available through Sara Hickman’s music label, Sleeveless, and Amazon.


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