Nick Jr. review of “Big Bird, Little Bird”

The songs from Hickman’s award-winning CD, “Newborn,” are brought to life through colorful and comforting computer-animated imagery.

Adding visuals as stunning and simple as her songs, singer-songwriter Sara Hickman has created a beautiful DVD which sets the stage for quality parent-child bonding. The tunes are sweet and catchy, wrapping little ones in a warm musical blanket, and the animation is eye-candy for little ones. Just giving your babies the opportunity to watch this will make them feel how much you love them.

Nothing could be more delightful for babies than having Sara Hickman sing to them with that gorgeous voice, especially on the a cappella version of “It’s Alright,” where she reassures them, “I love you night and day, It’s alright, it’s okay.” They’ll be drawn to the lovely animation and will feel satisfied and ready for sleep when the DVD ends with mama animals nestling in with their babies. Two-year-olds will find it hilarious when Hickman sings, “Your little eye’s got some goop in it!” and will love that the sun is represented by a slice of orange in the song, “A Slice of Heaven.”

Most four- and five-year-olds are probably on to more complex songs and concepts, but three-year-olds are likely to feel empowered by the little bird who tells the big one, “Just because you’re bigger than me doesn’t mean you can take my bread.” They’ll also enjoy repeating the names of body parts in “This Heart,” and will be eager to make their own family tree after hearing a song about it.

Lois Alter Mark, the Flicks for Kids Expert

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