Coffee With the Mrs on “Big Bird, Little Bird”

I’d like to share with you about “Big Bird, Little Bird” for a minute. This DVD will be released on June 15th and I think it’s a wonderful gift idea for a new or expecting mommy.

This DVD has little animated videos that accompany the beautiful songs written and performed by Sara Hickman. And while it’s not something I sit down and watch from beginning to end with Eliana, it is something I turn on to have playing in the background while we play or cuddle.

What cracks me up is that whenever the song “A Slice of Heaven” comes on, Eliana starts jumping up and down and grinning from ear to ear. Something about the tune and rhythm of the song just agrees with her and it is just adorable to see.

Also, there are parenting tips offered by Sara Hickman on the DVD for new parents to view. I watched her offer her tips and I loved how honestly she spoke about her experiences. I may not agree with every tip I saw but I’m a different person with different experiences. Overall, I think it’s a great bit of information that could be helpful for any new mom.

From Coffee With the Mrs

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