Reviews: Austin Chronicle

After moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area from the Midwest in the mid-’80s, Sara Hickman’s Piscean pluck immediately charmed most of the state right out of its Levis….in a live context she’ll make you hang onto your belt loops for dear life.
-Joe Mitchell
Austin Chronicle, vol. 15 #28, 1996

A former Dallasite who got wise and moved to Austin, Hickman never does what’s expected of her, but always does it well.
-Christopher Gray, "The 1995-96 Austin Music Awards"
Austin Chronicle, vol. 15 #28, 1996

SARA HICKMAN: Hickman brings the kind of exuberance to her music that gives "female singer-songwriters" a good name. Even when exploring miseries, her sweet but not sappy voice really sustains her and gives her a kind of grace.
-Michael Bertin
"SXSW Picks and Sleepers"
Austin Chronicle, vol. 17 #28, 1998

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