This Day Was Full of Surprises!

…started out with my finishing the Harry Potter book at 6:25 a.m, then went for a long 3 mile walk with jen, my dear friend….lucky, our dog, went too and did well til she chased a car full of dogs…ay yi yi! she has really come a long way, though, and stays to my commands. really!

…came home, and made the girls sunny-side up eggs and toast with butter. mmm, dip that toast in that yolk with a little salt….oooh…..and then i helped iolana make a pig for pop out of pink construction paper….a 3-D pig with dixie cup feet! and a flap that lifted (the snout) to reveal: i love you.

…then I was working in the office, answering emails, phone calls, when I got a call from Pennsylvania that was exactly what I was hoping for…a gig to support my Folk-n-Great show on Sept 8…thanks, Tom!!! We are now talking about my playing at Chaplin’s!

…taught io how to play jacks today while lily started reading the harry potter book on the sofa (and couldn’t hear anything anyone said to her all day long…except occassionally she’d look up and say, “mom…so and so just DIED!” and i would have to express sadness because now we have something to share over harry)…io and i had to work on her “bounce”, cuz she throws the ball down instead of letting it bounce casually. if you play jacks, you know what i’m talking about. so we practiced dropping and catching, dropping and catching, and then i started tossing in one jack and letting her try to bounce, swoop a hand across the cool floor for the jack, and catch the ball. then, of course, it was explaining all about onesies, twosies, threesies…

…Stacey Earle and her awesome husband, Mark, have both agreed to perform at the “Music For Life” event on January 14 in Corpus Christi. Let me just say I am through the roof with happiness about this!!! We are going to go on Bambi’s radio show the night before, as well, to sing, promote the event, whatever…hey! it’s live radio at it’s FINEST!!!!

…took the girls to swim lessons, wrote some letters to two dear friends (Ethridge and Julie), made dinner (pesto shrimp with pasta, steamed brocolli, salad, garlic bread and fresh green peas) and served it in those cool cafeteria trays that i am partial to…i like all the seperated tiny bins you can put the food in…it looks so tidy and fun!…practiced some on my guitar, talked with James about the SPU rehearsals with the kids (they are bonding! they are writing!),
made a giant poster for the mapping out of the entire year for the music for life tour…made lily’s evite party invitation for her birthday party after we had spent time picking out just the right one (bowling) and sent them out to her friends…this is my first time to ever do this…i always send traditional paper invites…and let me say, it was easier than i thought! and fun to find RSVPS in my email…

…going to go look at some photos lance took with his russian camera (a holga…has great light leaks) and sit down with him to just chill before the night slips away…listening to girls talking in rooms down the hall (sleep overs, you know no one gets to bed on time…)

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  • Shawna


    I haven’t played jacks in sooo long! I can’t wait to teach Cheyenne. You have been busy—I don’t know how you do it!

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