What Would Happen With A Question?

I was thinking this morning, “What if I did an entire blog of questions?” Could I do it, I wondered? What would I say? Could I think of enough questions?

What if I talked about Marvin Zindler? Would anyone know who I was talking about? Had anyone else ever grown up in Houston, watching Marvin in his white toupee and bright blue sunglasses on the news?
Talking about local, and statewide, problems? Would anyone remember when Marvin exposed one of the local pie restaurants for having rats in the kitchen? Has anyone ever been to the House of Guys (Pies) in Houston? Does anyone know that THAT was NOT the restaurant I was just referring to? But has anyone ever been to the House of Guys (Pies)? And had their coconut creme pie? Wasn’t it delicious? Will you go, now that I have mentioned this restaurant? Don’t you think you should? Or…are you confused by all these questions and references to pie?

And Marvin? What about him? Why did Sara mention him on her blog? Didn’t he just die? What did he die from? Old age? Did anyone ever hear Marvin’s famous catch phrase, “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarvin Zindler, EYEWITNESS news!”?

WIll Sara write more questions when she returns from her jaunt to the countryside today?

2 Comments on “What Would Happen With A Question?”

  • Tricia


    Did Tricia once work, for a time, at a brokerage firm? And did Tricia know, personally, Marvin’s BROKER? Did Marvin ever stop by the office?

  • anonymouse


    But what about the comment section? Can you have a comment section where people only ask questions too?

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