Today Shore Was a Good ‘Un

Woke up and heard from Chuck E. Cheese today. We are gonna work on some
animated pieces together for the chain. Can you say ROCK ON!?

Lessee….I worked on decorating a HUMONGOUS EMPTY WOODEN WINE BARRELL for a charity to auction off, I think.
I can’t remember, but no matter, I was spray painting monkee faces and adding big ol’ googly eyes. It looks like
a BARRELL unfulll of MONKEES! Hee hee hee. People were stoppin’ in there cars, wondering, “WHAT is that lady
doing with the face mask on and why is she painting monkees on a barrell?” Oh the fun never stops in my front
yard, I tell ya what!

iolana started a ceramic pot decorating business with some of her friends—called DIZPOTS—and they were out
in the sunshine, selling away…sold THREE of them today! They are splittin’ the money evenly. She’s such a fair minded
entrepreneur! She also has her small dog walkin’ business, so she’s a busy little bee!

After some emails and reading snail mail, I made a buncha carrot cake and vanilla cupcakes with my special, secret Mom’s recipe of
homemade creamcheese frosting…oh, a batch of brownies…to take to GSD&M for our screening of the Super Pal Universe screening..
the room is ULTRA COOL! I felt like a distant seventh removed cousin of Speilbergs…all the SPU families were there! OH, and wow…
they laughed, they giggled, they clapped! What a great, great feeling to know we accomplished this feat! It will be showing in
SXSW film festival…and ME TV is going to show it, too! Whoopee! I am so happy for the kids, their parents, all of us involved.
It was a lot of work to get to tonight. I mean A LOT but I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING because we’ve all learned so much, and more
so, we are all friends…AND…a big shout out to Alan Luecke for his energy, his financing, his belief, his patience in this dream of mine…

Afterwards, the girls and Lance and I were took all the leftover cupcakes/drinks out to the car, and walked down to Frank & Angie’s
for some dinner…and after we enjoyed spinning pennies and laughing over our day/movies/school stories, we were walking BACK
to the parked car when a nice man, sitting on the bridge, said to us, “Hey! You folks wanna see an opposum?” So, we sauntered over
and sure enough, about twenty feet down, there by a little creek, was a hairy possum, munching on something in the grass. Ah,
I love possums! We told the man about our possum we had when Lily was little—-Blossom—and how we kept her ’til she
started stinking (they do that, you know…glands, glands, glands! Pee-yoo!) He smiled. I touched his arm and gave him a heartfelt
thank you. This was a good, good day!

Then, I just wrote to my pals on the Austin Music Commission in cowpoke language, causin’ I’m a lady
of the range and I need to keep those boys from up north on their toes if they want to get the sheriff to do right
by the yodelers. No time for tumbleweeds to be a-tumblin’ in this here town!

It’s getting to the time when I will be singing with the Dallas Wind Symphony!!! I’m excited, a little nervous, but I’m just gonna jump off the
cliff into jazzland and give my heart, energy and big ol’ smiles…oh, right! That adds up to FUN!


TIme for bed. I’m a sleepyhead.

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