What a Small World, Ellen

Hi, Ellen!

My friend, George Marinelli, makes gum chewing an art. I saw him chewing away on your show the other day (he plays guitar with Bonnie Raitt), and I had to laugh. Forget guitar endorsements! He needs to represent a gum company!

Thinking about gum made me start thinking about what an amazing world we live in. There are people in this world who can make anything!

Like gum. Who figured out that a rubbery substance from a tree would be fun to put in your mouth? Who taste tested this idea?
Did anyone try to swallow gum, in the early days? I’m thinking it had to be cave people, the early gum chewers. The way I see it, maybe a bolt of lightning hit a tree, and this gooey sap was left in a gaping hole, and someone who happened to be sleeping nearby was awakened by the jolting light and sound, saw the sap and thought, “Hmm, me hungry.” They stuck their hairy, dirty hand into the goo (this is what led to soap, later on….dirty hands were never attractive)…Pop a plop of goo into their mouth and chew and chew and chew until, finally, after a couple of hours, realize, “This no food. This chewy!”

DId they spit it out, then and there, only to have Jocono (another cave person) walk out and step in it? Did Jocono say to the Chewing Man, “What this?!” Did a fight ensue? Did gum lead to early deaths? Or was gum revered as the stickiest substance discovered, and then utilized in some other way, like making rocks stick together, or early hair styles? Darn. Why was the camera invented so late!?

Well, since I wrote you my first letter, I’ve had a lot on my plate. I have this new record that is going to be released in May, around Mother’s Day, called “MOTHERLODE”. It is a two disc set that exemplifies what all a mom/musician thinks about; well, at least, what I think about. (I think about a lot of things. But you knew that. I’m only on my second letter to you, but I bet you can see my brain has a lot of hyperactivity. In fact, that was an entirely different blog entry, a while back…I wrote about my brain, Roger. I’ll insert the link here that will take you to that entry, if you want to read my conversation with my brain.)

Oh, and what else. I am running for a trustee position within NARAS (National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences, the folks that bring you the Grammys. Which, by the way, I enjoyed your introduction of Paul McCartney. (I love how YOUR brain works. And… how cool was that, to introduce THE MAN!!!!? Did you get to chat afterwards? I hope so! I hope you had your cell phone with you and took lots of pictures!!! I’m sure you were tickled to hang out with a BEATLE!!!! Which reminds me of an elevator ride I had with Pete Townshend…but that ‘s another story….)

And I was excited to audition as a host for a PBS children’s show last Monday. That was an honor! I created a little segment called “Austin Kiddie Limits” with about thirty kids on the Austin City Limits soundstage. Ellen, have you been to a taping of Austin City Limits?
Next time you have some free time, you have to go to one! It is one of the best musical experiences you can have! They have these amazing, giant cranes that move through the air like ultra-quiet robotic arms, filming the musicians on stage, and the audience is smart and attentive and the energy is BOOM! WOW!!! Zaaaap! Electric! Next date night you have, check it out. Then you can go over to 34th Street Cafe and have some really yummy food with interesting wallpaper. (Well, there isn’t wallpaper in the food, I just mean that the wallpaper on the walls is interesting to look at while eating the food.) If you go there, make sure and buy an ENTIRE coconut cake. It is so good. But if you don’t buy it when you first walk in the door, forget it. It will disappear and you won’t get to even try a bite.

Ok, I’m trying to keep these letters to you short, and I have to go clean the house now. Next time I’ll try to write to you about my snake, Jeff Goldblum. He is the sweetest. You would get along great! He will sit in your hair. He is tiny and green and very well behaved.


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  • Hi again!
    One more thing I forgot to mention – I sent a Christmas card to Pete T. a few years back (he actually sent ME one that year) and I included the lyrics to “Look at Me” because that the kind of stuff he appreciates!
    Just so you know….how cosmic. (Did he mention that in the elevator by any chance?). wink


  • Dear Sara,
    I’m so psyched to be able to write to you. My dear, wonderful friend Mary in Austin introduced me to your children’s music and I became a big fan (which reminds me, I need to buy more of your cds!). I did buy at least a half dozen of Big Kid!
    All the best with your musical outreach endeavors and I do hope Ellen is reading. You are one insprired, joyful, compassionate, ball of fire!
    Oh but one more thing… I would love to hear about your elevator ride with Mr. Townshend!
    Love, peace and buttercups,
    Sue aka swho

    P.S. I hope to become a music therapist one day and work w/autistic kids!

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