A Day in the Life of Woman and her Guitar(s)


For aspiring songwriters, musicians, curious blog readers, and anyone who likes to read other people’s lists of a day in a life,
here you go. This is what it entails to be a mom/musician/blogger:

4:30 am…get up to let Lucky out to pee
4:32 am…get back up to let Lucky back in the house
6:30 am…alarm goes off…lay in bed anyway
6:45 am…hear husband get up to pee (not outside, so I don’t have to open the door for him)
6:50 am…throw off covers while saying a thank you for having covers and go brush teeth
7:00 am…wake up first child with sing-songy “Good Moooorning!” while Lucky jumps on bed and licks child’s face
7:01 am…child grumbles as I leave the room that it is too early to get up
7:03 am…I pick up watering can as I walk towards the kitchen
7:04 am…reach other child’s room and sing, “Goooood morning!” as giant mound of blankets grumbles “Get out.”
7:05 am…filling watering can and large cup with water, scoop cat cup full of cat food
7:06 am…walk outside and water front porch plants, fill cat’s water bowl with fresh water, pour in new cat food,
pet happy kitty Mimi. Meow. Think about sitting down for a bit. Sit down and hold cat in lap.
7:10 am…husband has made breakfast…warm tortillas and eggs with cheese. Mmmmmmmm!
7:10 am…husband calls out, “Breakfast is ready!”
7:101/2 am…mom, back in kitchen, rings out, “Breakfast is ready!”
7:11 am…mom and dad start singing, “Breakfast is ready!” in harmony, much to amusement of one child, horror
of other child
7:12 am…family sits down to eat and talk about the day ahead
7:25 am…people start putting on their shoes
7:30 am…one daughter heads out the door for bus
7:32 am…other daughter heads up street to school
7:35 am…phone call from one daughter who needs ride to school because she missed bus. Dad gets ready to go
give a ride.
7:37 am…phone rings from Burundi friend who also missed bus
7:38 am…second phone call from daughter demanding to know where is someone to come take her to school.
Mom intervenes and says dad is on the way. He was in the bathroom and will be right there.
7:39 am…mom calls friend to cover Burundi friend with ride to school on north side of Austin
7:39 1/2 am…third call from impatient daughter, who when informed dad is on the way (as mom watches
car drive by window with dad inside) says over phone: “whatever!”
7:40 am…house is quiet. mom lets dog outside to pee.
7:43 am…mom gets dog food out and feeds dog, refreshes water
7:45 am…mom lets dog back in…(she thinks! hmm.)
7: 47 am…mom sits down to catch up on emails
7:49 am…mom gets up to retrieve cell phone to make sure GPS tracking system is “on” after reading informative
email that warns her it needs to be on
7:55 am…after figuring out how to find the way to turn the GPS system on, which took several minutes, mom
goes to clean kitchen
8:00 am…mom notices lights on in one daughter’s room, goes in to turn lights off, then notices bed needs to be spread.
after putting the wet towel up on the towel rack, mom then puts shoes in closet, spreads bed, notices cute photo on daughter’s
desk, and walks out in the kitchen and thinks, “Now, what was I doing?”
8:01 am…sits down to desk to read more emails, when there is a knock at the door. nice lady and her dog are returning our dog
which mom forgot to let back in and has escaped yard somehow. Mom jots down note to check out yard later and make sure
no holes in fence.
8:05 am…remembers to go out back and water lettuce plants. They are looking good!
8:20 am…goes to take clothes off hangers from yesterday’s laundry and places on bed for trip.
8:30 am…gets guitars out and decides which two to take
8:35 am…repacks cd suitcase with more cds, takes out notes and cd wrappers from last trip, re-organizes suit case so it is
ready for this evening
8:40 am…realizes cds need to be restocked in shelves, so opens boxes and pulls out cds. recognizes that none of the boxes are labeled,
so starts to label so no confusion in the future
8:45 am…gets maps and gig sheets ready for out of town trips
9:00 am…goes to shower and dress for trip
9:03 am…while in the shower, starts to realize she doesn’t have oil in car, and will get some as leaving town
9:10 am…gets out of shower, blow dries hair, moisturizes skin, dresses and gets ready for 9:30 am phoner
9:15 am…phone rings and call from Folk Alliance is calling to say we are moving meeting to Monday at same time
9:20 am…start setting up email Thanksgiving cards
9:30 am…put physical mail in the mail box (bills, cards, thank you notes)
9:40 am…start packing car
9:45 am…write on blog
9:49 am…think about the fact I need to write about last weekend at the Kolanowski’s, at the Cortlandt house and
Bruce’s loft and regret not having time at the moment to do so
10:00 am…start driving to Longview, Tx after printing out an online coupon for a free goodie with purchase of
coffee at Starbucks
10:00 am- 3 pm—Driving to Longview, Tx for gig


I will most likely stop somewhere along the drive to read the paper and have a bite to eat.
I will be listening to Christmas cds for ideas of new songs to learn for Junior League and Cactus Cafe gigs.
I will be singing big swing songs for DWS practice and calling friends on the phone to catch up.
I will stop at a rest stop, get out my chalk bucket, and draw something fabulous for other travelers to see, while leaving
chalk sticks behind so others can join in the merriment.
I will get to Longview and go to Carla’s house, where I am staying.
I’ll see my friends, Jerry and Doris, and be very happy about that.
I will call Marilyn, who is now NOT coming to Longview (sad face here on me), but I will call to catch up and see if everything
is alright in her world.
I’ll change clothes, put on make-up and get ready for tonight’s performance.
I will get to the gig for soundcheck.
I’ll tune up guitars and get cds set up for sale.
I will perform two 45 minute sets to a full house of happy, delightful and insightful people in Longview.
I will sell a bunch of cds and decorate them if anyone asks me to…
I’ll pack up my guitars and the cds and throw away any trash I might have created (or recycle it, if I’m able.)
I will go back to Carla’s house for fun and frivolity.
I will sleep.
I will get up in the morning to pastries and coffee, great conversation, hugs goodbye and hit the road for
my next gig in Spicewood, TX with Girl Scout Leaders (all women…woo-hoo!)
I’ll drive the 5 1/2 hours home to unload, repack and change for the evening.

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  • Delia


    check one two three… reality check one two three… how fun to read that last entry! what a beautiful full life you do have.
    Delia smile

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