Spoke on panel @ St. Edward’s tonight after viewing of “At The Death House Door”,
the film about Rev. Carroll Pickett.

Everyone should have to watch this film.

I wish Super Pal Universe could have taken off.

My eyes are burning. Talked about Molly (Ivans) with Ellen Sweets and that made
me weepy inside. I miss her so damn much, as a person, an entity, a voice,
a brave soul.

I thought I had gone through menopause but, no, I have been informed by
many women that it is just starting and will last the next 28 years.

Played my electric guitar at 11 yesterday. With delay. I wanted to blow up
the ding dang amp but did not succeed.

It rained so loud today. Delirium ensued cuz I love rainstorms. My dog,
however, gets very trembly.

I will now go eat some chocolate chips.

Completely frustrated for the women in Afghanistan and around the world
who are oppressed, tortured, raped, treated as sub-human. I can’t figure
out how to help them besides talking and/or singing about it. I’m just
one person and I wish I could do more. Sometimes I feel very tiny
in the grand scheme of things.

Then I go on Twitter and I laugh out loud so loud that I accidently spit on my computer
screen and my husband exclaimed, “That’s what I’m talking about!” He likes
it when I laugh out of nuttiness.

Relaxed in the tub today with an orange candle burning near the window while I
talked on the phone with my mom. She said she was pretending she was in the tub,
too, and then clarified, “Well, I mean MY tub, not in the tub with YOU, per se!” and
I had to laugh.

I found these Kenneth Cole shoes at the secondhand store down the street. They
were 4.99 and they fit my feet perfectly. I love them. They are soft umber colored
leather and I feel very Tom Wolfe in them.

How does Gretchen Phillips get her hair to do that?

Tomorrow I will see my friend, Stacy.

I am thinking about Gene and how hard he works and wishing I could surprise him
with a trip to Bali, or some place magnificent. I would show up on the beach and hand
him a pineappl-y drink that contained alchohol.

I hope Mike Henry and I get together and make the best documentary since “At The
Death House Door.” I really want to make something compelling.

The doll house is so close to being completed. We are going to have a housewarming party
when it is done and everyone can bring a miniature housewarming gift. If you want to
send one for iolana to add to the house, you can mail it to her (care of me) at:

3005 S. Lamar D-109 #412
Austin, TX 78704

When I first put out the original version of “Radiation Man”, at the end I chatted about
people getting naked and sending me their clothes and told my mailing address. I actually
got clothes in the mail, including a very cute little package that had miniature clothes in
it. That was a hilarious day because as I was retrieving my mail from the box (I was in
one of those p.o. box hallways), a giant Pancho went walking by the window, someone
dressed in brightly colored Mexican fiesta type clothing wearing a novelty giant Pancho
head and sombrero, and just as that person sort of bounced by, the door to the P.O. opened
and in walked a dwarf, I’m not kidding you, and he walked right up to me and said,
“Hey! You’re Sara Hickman! My wife and I love your music!” and, then, just like that,
he turned and walked over to collect his mail. That was some day, I tell you.

I wonder if Todd Wolfson is reading this.


  • Title: You’re going back to the roots! // Applause at menopause: the last ovulation happens around the woman’s 52 year of age, so don’t worry to be still in menopause as a granny. Then not casual menstruation relicts are the cause for cloth supplements but daily fear on incontinence. / Blowin up a guitar amp: ask your elevator-friend Pete Townsend how to blow up your amp most elegantly. / Woman in Afghanistan: you seem to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Is that a cause for the insomnia? On me it’s the taxman. / Spitting on the computer screen: get a bigger one and put it 20 inch more away to avoid seaweed and tracks of chocolate chips on the screen. Or clean it after every use –but who wants to do that? / Tub relaxing: there are new guest appearances available at the BBC’s Tele-Tubbies! How about a tub-party instead of Tupper-parties? Would be fine, if I could be the only male guest also on such a party. / Shoes and woman: they are one of the biggest vices of the Eve’s. Men can be glad if they not only collect new ones… / Radiation clothes: I thought about sending some underweird’s already yeeears ago. But why should brave American citizens need something with dots and stripes if they have already stars and stripes as their house flag? Maybe I should put them in a frame as a nasty peace of art or sell them on eBay as a new religious symbolism beyond (or better: underneath) the toast-bread codes. -Or how about a campaign on it like: “Put Our Country Out Of This Shit -Back To The Stars!” I guess I have to send them to Mister Obama! Hope they pass the security… Wasn’t your first record already published with “Four Dots”? // The Calvin Klein-Model (P.S.: Mark Wahlberg has a third nipple -no joke!)

  • mike


    Of all the fine, delicious, sweet, lovely and sometimes sad things you posted today; of things Molly Ivans, of menopause, of electric guitar, even chocolate chip cookies (yum), and even twittered coffee spew, I just want to comment this:

    When dog gets all panicky and trembly during storms, wrap said dog in a nice comfy blanket. Dogs are comforted by swathing.

    Just wrap dog’s body, no need to cover head or legs.

    oh…And put socks on dog’s feet… just to make dog look silly and you laugh! ;o)

    Hey I just got this image in my head… “dog-in-a-banket” Hah!


  • Jim Baker


    Sara – You put a lot into Super Pal Universe. I’m sorry it’s not working out as you had hoped. What are the plans for SPU? I’ll have to look for “At The Death House Door”. Have you talked to Amy Maner about doing a documentary? It would be great if you two got together on something. Thanks for plugging along. When you get down, if it’s any consolation, remember that you have been the face of God and a blessing to so many people.

    May God bless your walk,
    Jim Baker

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