Bluebirds and Blueprints

Snickerdoodles and thumbprints!
“Snickerdoodles and thumbprints, Batman! The Joker’s
played his card one
too many times!”
I coulda written for that show, I swear!

Driving round in circles…
Gorgeous Austin spring!
Spring’s song, coo-coo-ca-choo!
Martha, my patient van, toodling
Oodling along
as I
wonder, “Where the heck IS this place?
Will I find this awesome space…?
Oh, dear…Oh, my! I left my cell phone!…”
Giant yellow dumptruck
Blocks street’s view
Bam! Bam! Bam! It is NOISY!
From behind that, coming, running,
holding but not strumming:
guitar in hand!
A young man! A Boysy!
Jumpin’ joysey!
I see him and I know:
He’s for ME!
I pull the van over, right there,
middle of the street, and
hop out, running towards
guitar boy
And it’s HIM!
Ha ha ha! How did he know
To look for this lost soul

Jason Molin.
Brother of the muse! He is
Amusing light dancing/la la la-ing underneath the bridge
As we write cumbias about bananas
And I find a dinosaur tooth
in the creek!
Slick and wet, pop it in my pocket
A rock…it’s in my pocket!
A little feat!
Grafitti, vine snakes, mud daubers’ tubes,
Cool clay attached just above my head
Intwined with spider webs
And morning’s breeze.
All the news, the juice, the
Creative use of words/rhythm/yes!

a dog named Townes,
a palette to lay his caricature painted head
on the top!
(I had no idea, really, what it looked like
But you showed me…now I know
Spunky red amidst the three tonged leaves…)
…homemade chocolate chip cookies…
warm on the plate!…
By the woman, your wife, carrying your child–
She can speak fluid Spanish
She can speak French!—
I hug her!
I smile.
I am very happy in this provencial robin’s egg
Blue cacoon of a tall ceilinged nest!
A studio!
Paintings galore!
I’m in an expansive roar
To sing and sing and sing some more!

Bluebirds and blueprints
First stint at newsprint
Trumpet vines
Day is nearly done
I come home
To find my father
Has fallen ill
And this circle is
Not broken.

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