Bless this Whole World

Bless this Whole World. Today and everyday. Right now. Make each of us shine and help us to enjoy the fact that we are ALIVE and we can bring peace and comfort and happiness to one another.

Bless this Whole World. No matter the color of skin or the nation we live in.
Remind us of our purpose and give us food and water to nourish our bodies.
Help us to learn how to farm and teach and grow as individuals so we can extend our talents into our communities.

Bless this Whole World. Where this is war, let there be peace. Where there is anger, let there be forgiveness. Where there is suffering, let there be
a hand to hold and bring comfort.

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  • I’m glad to see that all Texans are not socially retarded. Do you ever perform up around Boston way? I would love to see someone who is both talented and gives a shit perform. If not, good luck and God bless you and yours in your future endevors.

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