November 12

I’m performing two shows on November 12 with Strings Attached. The second show will be broadcast live on KGSR…I’m hoping y’all will come out and cheer us on as I don’t do many “big” shows in Austin…and I want KGSR to be as excited as we are…they have played “There Is No Name For Love” from FAITHFUL HEART and they played “Woman Waiting to Happen” from SPIRITUAL APPLIANCES…I think if they could see that there is a group of support for my music, it would help tremendously in future air play…Then I wouldn’t have to answer the question, “Why don’t they play your music on the radio very often?”

PLUS: Nothing better than having a big audience full of love and good joo-joo to perform to!!!

Lastly, I am thinking of hiring a video crew to tape the shows so I can create a video…What do you all think of that? Any feedback?

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  • Jim


    I’d certainly buy a DVD of a Sara-performance…

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