Bruce’s Loft House Concert, Houston, TX

you know when you are at the bottom of a well, you can only look up and think, “someday, i’ll be sitting up in the clouds!”

well, that is what happened at the bruce’s loft concert because:

1) the guest room has a bed that is SOFT as clouds, and boy oh boy, i could have slept in that bed for WEEKS!
2) bruce’s home feels very scandish. is that right? i mean, “scandanavian”…open rooms with white walls and hardwood floors.
3) the cat likes to sing along on the sad songs….i am the BARRY MANILOW OF CATS!!!
4) this picture was taken by greg (i hope i am getting that right because all of a sudden i can’t remember, but his wife’s name is kim and they
are incredibly cool people that I LOVE!!!! and i will be singing at their house concert, too! whoopee! hooray for goodness!
5) the potluck dinner was FANTASTIC! thanks to amanda for the blackberry jello shots! and to david for the spicey chicken
6) great conversation after the show
7) two standing ovations…ok, now i’m really floating among the stars!

thank you, bruce, and everyone that came out to make my saturday night so tremendously fun and love-filled!

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  • kc


    You are lookin’ hot my friend!

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