Drop a Grudge in Honor of the Amish Girls

This is a letter from my friend/writer, Spike Gillespie, that I wanted to share with you all:

Second Annual International Drop a Grudge Day

Today is the very sad first anniversary of the Nickel Mines shooting when a distraught and disturbed man went into an Amish schoolhouse in Pennsylvania and shot ten little girls. I remember thinking, almost immediately upon hearing the news, that the Amish families would, without hesitation, forgive the killer, who also killed himself. And they did and they also reached out and embraced his wife and children, attending his funeral and sharing with them money from the fund set up in honor of the girls.

I sent out a letter shortly after that day to a couple hundred friends about dropping a grudge. That said, on this, the Second Annual International Drop a Grudge Day, I ask you to please take a moment to remember those little girls and their killer. And also, please consider dropping a grudge. I¹ve got four in mind…not sure if I can pull off dropping that many but I’m going to try.

Spike Gillespie

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