My Mom Remembers…

Your words about going back to our old neighborhood made me cry.

Things and places are never as we remember them, especially after many years
of being away. Oddly, our house hasn’t changed much, except it’s lighter
and brighter and has different furniture, except for the dining room.

By the way, your softball team was called The Sweat Hogs — named after
a popular TV show at the time. It was a good team, we came in 2nd and
some male coach really took me to task about that, saying women
shouldn’t be out there coaching etc. etc. He, of course, had come in
third, as I remember.

You were a great pitcher. Your glove was larger than your head, so when you
got ready to pitch I couldn’t see your face, but I knew it was filled with determination.
And your sliding. You took out a lot of knees in your jeans! But you always made it to the
base, probably because you intimidated the players on the other team.

I love you.


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