Happy New Year, Friends of the Song!

I’d like to thank John, who posted a review of the evening’s abundance at my recent Swallowhill performance in Denver, Colorado. If you’d like to read what he wrote, check out the Sara Hickman Yahoo list serve chat room.

So…I’d like to return John’s kind favor with… an AUDIENCE REVIEW!!!

When I got to Swallowhill, (where I hadn’t performed since 2000, then pregnant with my second child), I was immediately swaddled in the memories and
grand fellowship of how delicious the last show had been. I felt a warmth in the building, an inclusion, if you will, of past performances by John Gorka, Carrie Newcomer,
and many others all cheering me on…

THE FOLKS that run Swallowhill are simply marvelous. They attend to the green room, to make sure there is hot water for tea, cookies, snacks…They have a great sound engineer, Brian, who made soundcheck seamless and quick…The performance room itself is lovely, with a wide stage and chairs tucked neatly in rows, the house itself a former church…so it just feels inspired and holy! and all the volunteers have a smile and a cheery attitude. I can’t say enough about Swallowhill. Every town should have a version of this music school/theatre.


First of all, I have to say, it is rare I do not have an audience like the one I am about to describe, so I am very grateful for those of you who attend my shows
(and shows with Kristin, or Lorrie, or me and the band, too), and for the times when you bring new folks out to hear the music for the first time….

The audience members at Swallowhill’ s show were attentive, enthusiastic, and had a great sense of humor. Everyone was open to my taking risks…like
making up the song on the spot about Santa bringing Lance the guitar he had lost so many years back (thanks to Elizabeth yelling out, “I have your guitar!”, for inspiring me to break out in song!)…and they were also forgiving for the code in my node. I sang with all my heart, and everyone gave heartfelt applause back. A circle of love!

And at break, wow… I loved meeting so many new friends, seeing older friends, sharing memories, signing discs, and receiving gifts (a beautiful handmade bookmark of
shining beads, a box of yummy chocolates, hand-created bath salts…!) Maybe it seems odd that I would bring up the gifts, but I want them to be acknowledged. ..
Because many times I have said, while talking to someone after a show and they have handed me a gift, “…but I have nothing for you…” and without pause,
each of those who have brought me kindness respond, “You just gave me an entire show!” (Slapping myself in the forehead, here)

So, for 2007, I am acknowledging the ebb and tide of being givers/receivers. Both are a part of the relationship of musician/listener.
I hope for people to show up and fill in the seats so I can continue to share my musical journey, my stories, my dreams and wishes; and people choose to come be in the
audience to feel loved, hopeful, to laugh, sometimes, even, to cry.

But the best part of all is that this audience at Swallowhill shared the greatest gift…we all became one combined force of humanity as we gathered together
in a snowy world, together in a house of love…corny as that sounds, that is the greatest gift for me, watching people gather and bond and remember that each of us matters,
each of us is important, each of us is capable of changing the world.

So, thank you, friends at Swallowhill, for allowing me to share my music, for acknowledging the awesome talents of Kristin and/or Lorrie (as they sing and/or laugh along), and for your never ending enthusiasm, feedback and time.


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  • John Kelly


    Oh my gosh! A mention by name on Sara’s site! Does anybody know where I can get this blog entry bronzed?

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