iolana’s up so the gig is up

we’ll make breakfast together, now….gosh…i am really tethered to this computer…i’m sure she will think this is wierd that every half hour i have to dabble at the keyboards.

here is a riddle io made up:

it’s fuzzy, it’s green and it’s long….what is it?

answer: a cat tail!

there you have it. your first riddle of the day from a six year old, which is most likely the result of our walking around the ditch last night and picking some of the tickly, bendy plants…after, of course, we pocketed some of the snail shells from the “snail cemetary”

you should see it…about twelve feet of dry soil (very dry due to the drought) and hundreds of bleached, empty white shells. i’m not sure why the snails were there, or when they were there….but it is fun to pick up their shells and say, “oh! there’s another one!” and hop along scooping them up
til your hands are overflowing

another riddle is coming my way:

what is red, a bump and itchy? (io asks)

hmm…what IS red, a bump and itchy? (mom asks)

a bug bite! (says io, rolling her eyes)

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  • Sarah S.


    Hey, hi! I found your blog when searching for myself – nice – and I had to say hello. I used to listen to your record all the time when I was in college – there was a song that went, like, “you’re too fast for me,” or something like that. I loved it. I always checked you – and Annie Lenox – out from the Normal Public Library. Take care, Sarah S

  • annissa


    Good morning… I will be your friendly monitor today smile Good luck with the thon smile

  • Dev


    Best wishes for a wonderful day of brainstorms!

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