Life and What that Means Today

I am grateful that my children, and my husband, are healthy after suffering a horrible virus. Lily’s fever reached 103. All are well now.
I am grateful that a mom can stay well and take care of a family. I love being a mom. Thank you, God, for making moms strong.
I am grateful for my front yard. I love my yard. I love the smell of the grass after a mowing. I love how the green of spring turns the front of my house (and the back) into a place to unwind and listen to the birds, especially the buzz of the tiny hummingbirds. I love laying on the grass and watching the clouds roll by in such a lazy, unrushed way. I love being able to breathe and relax in my yard.
I love that mankind has created sparkling lights for holidays. I love how plugging them in makes everything seem to have hope…how can little lights bring so much warmth to a heart? Even at Halloween, a strange, spooky time…these
miniature orange lights (mixed with fake cobwebs) make me feel so lighthearted
and joyous.
I love holding my children’s sweet hands. What could be better than holding hands?
I love the enchantment of morning.
I love how iolana is peeking around the corner and giggling, half a face full of a smile..waiting for me to stop typing at the computer so we can hug and play.

Goodbye! Good day!

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