Weapons of Mass Destruction

The only country that has ever actually used weapons of mass destruction is the United States, and we used them twice.

Who watches over us, and makes sure that we stay in check?

Why are there ANY weapons of mass destruction?


How does building a wall keep anyone “safe”? Psychologically, how can
a wall do anything but remind someone of “you’re out” and “we’re in”…
How does “containing” any group of people not remind us of the slow
concentrated effort to round up a certain group of people and place them in “camps”.

When I was a child, I looked up to the adults in my world. My parents, my teachers, the government. I thought they were doing everything in their power to keep me and my family safe.

Now that I am an adult, where did the sense of right and wrong go? How is it that other “adults” run this world with such nonsense and hatred and misunderstandings and confusion and determination…how is it that everything I hold near and dear could be obliterated or tortured or “misplaced” or
polluted or eavesdropped upon….

Who are these people running (add the letter “i” to that word, remove one “n” and we are all a part of it, i suppose) our world? I don’t want to be part of the destruction. I want to be a part of the hope and redirection and empathy and patience and rebuilding and extension of support.

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said:

That’s ok. I wasn’t using my civil liberties anyway.

This is a downer entry. But it has been on my mind. Since third grade.

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  • Larry


    The WMD’s are whatever the current administration decides they should be. For instance, an AK-47 in the hands of an Islamic extremist is a WMD, but our very own cluster bombs which knock the arms and legs off kids are just fine.

  • Sara,

    you are an angel to be sure…however, The Chinese used WoMD…ie…gunpowder…and then of course, going back 90 orso years those pesky Germans used them…ie poison gas…nuts huh…absolute…anyway…your compassion is well meant and well recieved

    ps…your a hoot

  • Mark



    Thoughtfulness on the WMD! Saw you at TASP, love the Newborn CD and look forward to when I get to share it with my pending little one, Sarah Grace.

    Thanks for your contributions!

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