The Austin Zoo Release Party

Wow! What a great evening…! Tonight, we celebrated the release of BIG KID
at the Austin Zoo…lots of new faces, happy families and wonderful friends.
The weather was lovely: sunny and warm. There was a parrot who screeched happily in the background all evening, as Steve (super pal on the bass) and Brad (super pal on the drums) and I played songs from BIG KID and beyond. Everyone was singing, and one girl, ELVIS, was swaying happily in that easy Austin way. There were free strutting peacocks and chickens, and a sweet Assyrian kitty who crawled up inside Brad’s kick drum!

We did “Iolana”, “It’s Fall”, “Little Seed”, “Pink on the Inside”, “Louise” and many others…what a great turnout, and I hope it helped the Austin Zoo! For so long, I’ve wanted to do a fundraiser for them, and this was the perfect solution! (I’m only sad I didn’t get to ride the train or see the albino rat snake!) But I enjoyed singing for Millie, John, Avila, Rebecca, Mia, Moira, Laurel, Josh, Helen, Lizzie, Angela, Carly and all the other kids (and parents!) whose names I’m getting sleepy-headed over! I think my favorite part of making music for families is singing with the children, watching the parents/kids bond, staying around afterwards and drawing creatures for the kids and talking with them…I just LOVE this part of the event…what better way to become an active, healthy community than to have family events, where everyone can hang out, feel safe, and get to know one another in a positive environment? What better way, I ask you?
Everybody dance now!!!

[Click “continue reading” to see super pal pics by super hubby Lance Schriner!]

2 Comments on “The Austin Zoo Release Party”

  • tim greene


    Austin has a zoo? Or Austin is a Zoo?

    I lived there for five years, do not remeber the zoo.

    I remeber sara from HSPVA, she was, and is terrific.

  • Rob


    We (my 3 yr old girl, Avila, and wife, Janet) were at your release party tonight and had a blast listening to you. I’ve been aware that a singer named Sara Hickman existed in Austin for some time, but somehow you’ve escaped my radar until tonight.
    NO MORE!
    Your joyous noise (I mean that in the very best sense) is one I will try to catch whenever I can from now on. See you Thursday at the Great Outdoors!

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