Million Musicians March for Peace/Austin, TX March 15, Noon-4ish pm

hello, all…..

saturday, march 15th, will be the 3rd annual million musicians march for peace. this is timed to commemorate the invasion of iraq,
and also to show all the music folks in town for sxsw that they can go home to their communities and put their music to work for peace
and have a good time at the same time.

the parade is a blast. for those of you in marching band, this is nothing like that. no rehearsals, no uniforms, no straight lines, not even
if you try could you make a straight line happen, trust me! we only play a few tunes and they repeat a lot so you can pick them up by ear, or you can
click on the link below where the music is now posted on the website and practice up before you come. that is the music for the jericho brass band, which heads the parade.
it’s crazy and fun!

there are many other ways to participate. make a sign, make a float, bring your own band, load a battery powered
pa in a shopping cart and march with your guitar, or join bill oliver and his otter space band, who will be doing that very thing.
wear crazy clothes, do anything you want, just join us if you feel moved. it’s a blast. there will be music and speakers at the beginning of the parade,
at the rally at the state capitol from noon to 1, and again at the end of the parade at the city hall whenever we get there till about 4:00.
great musicians like carolyn wonderland, guy forsyth, barbark k, jon emery, i don’t even know who all is scheduled to play or speak at this point.

> Marching Musicians of all kinds!
> Drum Groups! Fife/Drum/Flag trio(s)!
> Molly Ivins Pots and Pans Brigades!
> Church choirs! More Flags!
> Bagpipes, ukes, mandolins, accordions, guitars, fiddles, kazoos!
> Bring your band….or join another! You name it!
> Support the troops. Support the innocent civilians. Support the
majority for peace. Have fun and show the world you still care.

If you want to march, endorse, or volunteer, please register at

Marching band charts are on the website at:

Or just show up and play your heart out!

sara and fabulous flautist, beth galiger

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    id be there but im broke. thank you for doing this.

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