Morning spillage…words sounding like Woody coming outta me…

there’s talk about house concerts having to comply with a proposed new regulation that would have them sign up
with a regulated agency to collect fees on behalf of what songwriters perforn during the concert. allegedly, these collected
monies would go into a pool to pay songwriters.

from what i understand of it, i think it sounds like a big mess is comin’ our way. more restrictions and paperwork for small groups (house concert
folks) who aren’t in the business of house concerts to make money but to promote music they love, and more headaches for songwriters
trying to make a living (having to write down/report what you sang). perhaps i would make a wee bit more money quarterly, but realistically,
that money would need to be tracked and followed with a fine tooth comb, and is a government bureaucracy really going to care about
who gets what money?

anyway. here’s what came spilling out of me this morning on behalf of greg johnson, owner of the blue door,
who has always been in it for the artistry/love of songs/the people.

when they come and stop us with a legal hand
we’ll just start playing in caves again
(where the birth of it all first began)
don’t get me wrong, i understand
what’s right is right, what’s wrong is wrong
but can’t a lady just sing her song…?
or do those with the least always have to be first
to start a movement, to take a stand?
to speak out by singing against the unseen “man”
i’m just one voice but i do what i can
as i ramble along


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