My cousin Mike remembers my dad and his love of creating art…

i cried a little when i read through your note but i also remembered multiple good times with your dad –
his big smile, his loud laughter, his amazing paintings and i said my prayer. i wished that he can release
and move on to another place where he finds all these paints and brushes and canvases and that everything
he paints – he loves and it looks amazing to him and that the colors and paintings flow off the canvases and
spread out into engery and love and happiness… it was kinda weird but i could visualize/feel it and it
made me smile for a minute in my sadness. i also had memories of uncle allen, aunt martha, summers in
arkansas that we all shared as children. we are lucky and blessed. hugs to you all. give my love and support to
all the family. we’re all thinking about you guys at this hard time.

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  • Sara

    Though my memories are few of the summers in Arkansas, they are big memories filled with love and laughter. Food and scrumptious desserts. And least we not forget the tick inspection at the end of the day.
    The rope bridge lives on like a legend as I almost fell from it one July evening when told not to travel near it and of course did. Clinging and dangling till mom came to rescue me.
    I’m so sorry to hear about your father through this blog. Mom is here for Mothers Day weekend. She will be so sad to learn of this event.
    Your dad came for a reunion I planned in Branson one year. What a special man.What beautiful art…
    Please know you are in our prayers and thoughts.
    My gosh. I can’t believe it. Thought we would all have one more time together.
    Much love,
    Mary Margaret

  • ‘ve lived with my Dad for 7 yrs.[he is now 93 and I am 60-we both have too many disabilities to name and have watched each other detiorate in health these years].He prays each day that the Lord take him before he becomes more dependent on his 3 daughters and we cry when we put him to bed and talk of his stories from his life he has shared on this day ! He worked as a laborer in his adult years and cowboy in his youth .He also wrote poetry to romance our Mom and left school at age 9 ,but he taught himself so many things on a slate by coal oil lamp . He and my Mom were married 53 years before she passed suddenly at age 90 after falling and breaking her right arm . She was a fabric artist and had a green thumb . They married late and often were mistaken for our grandparents at school . What is my point-Sara and Mike the pain of losing them suddenly or watching them go slowly , the PAIN is so bad . All we have left are memmories and the impact they had in making us who we are !Hugs and blessings….Lupe

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