off to corpus

ate indian food with lance tonight
watched some of “hellboy II” and had a chuckle
it is so like a comic book

went to the school dance
watched 300 kids and parents dancing til the floor jumped
with a DJ
and disco lights
and lightning bolts in silver
shimmy co-co-pa
it was happiness infectious!

off to corpus tomorrow
i have a show for children on sunday
staying at a house named after dolphins
that is swimmingly cool

hope to lay on the beach
and hear the wind in my hair
and the sun on my skin

and hear my kids’ laughter
all around

i love our family drives
time for stories and jokes
and saying, “guess what i’m thinking of RIGHT NOW!”
and photo ops
and stopping in funny shops
and the sky so blue
and just when you are ready to get out of the car
we can
because we’ve arrived!

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  • Hope you had a chuckle on Hellboy Ron Perlman with his horny crayfish-complexion. If on Selma Blair you get trouble with me -she’s one of my favorite actresses!

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