Friday April 17: GREAT FILM!!! “At The Death House Door” from Independent Film Channel…

Hey Everybody here in Austin and close by…

If you aren’t doing much on Friday, April 17…I wholeheartedly invite you to come see
this amazing film about Reverend Caroll Pickett, the minister who was working for
death row in Huntsville. It is the journey of his working with death row inmates
and witnessing the execution of 95 of them. This is an incredible film; I was stunned
when I watched a copy last week.

After viewing the film, there will be an interactive panel with the following folks:

Brother Richard Daly – Chaplain, St. Edward’s University
Gabe Solis – Associate Director, Texas After Violence Project
Sara Hickman – Musician, human rights activist
Ellen Sweets – Moderator, journalist whose whose writing has appeared in the Dallas Morning News,
The Denver Post, Pravda and the Austin American-Statesman

(There’s still a chance that the Rev. Pickett will join us, depending on his schedule.)

A few details:
– film begins at 7 PM, Friday, April 17th
– location Jones Auditorium, Ragsdale Center, St. Edward’s University
– panel will start right after the film, around 8:45 PM
– the panel should last till around 9:30 at the latest
– event is free to the public

I hope you can come be a part of the dialogue.

Thank you,

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  • there is no way any sensible will ever make sense of the death penalty. this feilm left me drained and, once again, wishing molly were here to apply her remarkable writng gift to opposing this dreadful practice.

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