on the cusp of understanding those gentle dreams

these laughing, silent halls
i see their gaping mouths
they suck me up from ragged sheets,
the sweat soaked pillow,
the anger i had wallowed in
swallowed up long ago
when, once, it did begin
now a full blown habit
of unending dis-ease.

the halls and lines of walls
and dusty, hardened floors
of wood and sod and concrete and
plaster and mold and hair and
past and unseen
blood and tears
i walked these years, again and again,
searching for a secret
i can not see or know how to find
this lack of mine own eyes able to sigh
and stretch and flutter still,
these eyes that crane their neck
towards every sight between the blink
every sound a gong
these eyes are never going to
let me see the cooling
shades of nightfall
the harmony of rest
the waking of a dawn…

no one knows the horrors that have
crawled under my skin
others rise refreshed
while i struggle, just, to be my best.

waiting for word on my father
houston, tx
10:09 a.m.

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  • continued prayers coming your way. stay strong.

  • andy-dog


    beautiful, sweetie. I hope you get some good news soon. love, a-dog

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