Starting Two Days Ago

Let me start with a fun story:

Yesterday, io and I sat out in miniature red, blue and green plastic chairs (one for her shark and her yellow Neo pet, “Picking Flowers”). We placed the chairs at the end of our drive, waiting for the neighborhood to come alive at 7:30 am.
Lily was hopping around, right, left, right, back pack perched over her shoulders, scanning the streets for friends.

From far away, we saw the Root family. We started to cheer, “Come on! You can do it! Go, Louise! Go, Benjamin!” They were about one inch tall, running from the end of the blacktop, growing in size and we yelled, enthusiastically.
Just then, from around the bend, appeared Clara, her mom and three year old sister. Now the crowd went wild!

Yelling for Clara to join the race, she started to run just as Benjamin became a regular sized boy. The friends whizzed past the chairs, stopping for breath, as
io and I hooted with joy. Lily popped over and they all walked on, as if there had never been a mini-Olympics, the quartet of back packs bobbing to and fro on down the street.

io and I decided to stay on, cheering anyone that came by. so, of course, it seemed everyone in the hood at the same time decided to go for a brisk morning walk! We cheered on Pat and Allen, matching in their blue slacks and white tee shirts, smiles as big as you’re born; and the trio of older women, over on the other side of the street, laughing at our antics…and the lady with the headset and the dog, who never heard us yell out, on the count of three: GOOOOOOOD MORRRRRNING!

oh, it was lovely way to start the day.

and it was continued by our trip in the car, listening to songs…

i have a very odd story to tell that i will tell tomorrow. until then, may your day
be full of hootin’ and hollerin’ and all delivered from your own child sized plastic
primary colored chair.

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  • Josh Cohen


    Well, Sara, I love hearing all those CD plans! As a huge fan of your music (& concert hugs), I’m so touched by your talent; I always wonder how I could help you make those CDs happen…

  • Gene


    Dang it, if that’s the kind of morning shenanigans that happen over there, I need to work harder on moving to your neighborhood!

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