Writing…The Funny, Unbelievable Story Next Entry

I’ve been going over to the Music Lab, renting a small rehearsal space, and attempting to write songs again…I don’t even remember the last time I had a quiet moment to myself to compose. Generally, since the birth of my children, I’ve written in hotel rooms while out on tour. Or late at night…but trying to write quietly, so as not to disturb anyone, can be difficult.

The last two days have been exciting. Sort of like dating. I take all of my supplies…a cd player, a tape recorder, pens and pencils and paper and stacks and stacks of ideas on scraps of paper from my “NEW LYRICS FOLDER”…and lay them all out the minute I arrive. I open my guitar case and immediately unwind the cable, plug the guitar into the P.A. system, arrange the mic stand just so, pull up a chair and plop everything around me on various music stands.
I’m my own little symphony of stuff!

Today I went for a walk with my dear friend, Rory, around Town Lake. We talked and laughed and then I could feel the thrill of knowing I was going to get in my white Windstar van, to drive…to the dark cave of the muse…all by myself!…as we rounded the corner of the path. My heart was just happy silly!

Sitting in those rooms, generally, I”m the only girl in the building, too. All the guys are in their twenties, with nose rings and ear holes and tattoos covering every inch of their exposed flesh. Strange, they all have immensely BLACK HAIR, too. Maybe there is a hair salon in the bowels of the lab…?

So, anyway. Today I worked on a song called EDENTOWN. And I’ve been rehearsing songs for the November 12 show with Strings Attached.
Just playing my guitar, changing tunings, reaquainting myself with my first love.
(Gosh. I wish I still had my very first guitar. If anyone out there knows Grace Das from Houston, TX (1970 era), please ask her if she still has it. I would buy it back in a heartbeat.

I’ve got so many plans cooking! Here are some of the ideas I’m getting
involved in hatching…

A cd for moms

A cd for the dying

Another adult cd…I already know the title and the vibe and I’m collecting songs and I’m already talking with Darin Murphy about helping to create it…so that is feeling groovy!

A cd for in-betweeners…ZINE! The next in the line up of children’s cds. I hired a
girl named Rachel to create the art…she does these cool pen and ink/watercolor drawings.

I’d still like to create a solo cd of just me and my guitar…

Working on creating a DVD of animated shorts to my children’s songs. (“Pillowman” has already been created, and it is way hilarious.)

A bunch of other ideas, but I am in the middle of making homemade bbq ribs so gotta go! (Yesterday I made homemade bread…this morning we had french toast with it and YOW ZOW it was good!)

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  • Jill B.


    Sara, I still have my guitar from WAY back when…It would be happy to be played by you!!! Jill

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