Tambourines and Polkas

Drove to Ft. Worth yesterday for an outdoor street festival hosted by the First United Methodist Church. All the proceeds were going to benefit those caught in Katrina’s wrath. There seemed to be a healthy turnout, and a terrific group of artists, musicians, puppeteers, restaurants donating eats and face painters.

I listened to mixes of the songs for the new album on the drive up, over and over. I’m making sure I go over every song with a fine tooth comb before I send it all off to mastering. I’m also trying to figure out an order for the songs; beginnings and endings have
a life of their own, and especially when buttressed up against another song. Placement can make or break a song, sometimes.

The afternoon was hot; I ended up playing on a giant, outdoor stage. A kids show, which was really fun, and then Elizabeth Wills performed. Such a perfect voice! I loved her voice. Parts Melissa Ethridge meets Joni Mitchell meets Avril Lavigne meets cowgirl
and mermaid. She was playing a robust Taylor, but her voice is what makes her special. And, she’s super nice, too! We talked about playing together in Aspen sometime soon (she’s moving to Colorado.)

Then I played an adult show; and the sun was down by then. The church was pale moon white against the black-blue of the sky; very reminiscent of Notre Dame. Up next was Brave Combo, and OH! How I love that Carl. I had learned “Bumblebee” off “Let’s Kiss”, so I hopped up on stage to sing with the boys (and, now, one woman! Yes, Bubba has left the band and Ann Marie is the new bassist! She fits right in, pointy Dutch shoes and black hat with red flames atop her long, black hair). Then I ended up getting to play tambourine all night….What a blast!

Stayed at the Worthington, a hotel of many memories for me. I love the Worthington. I miss Caravan of Dreams. It’s still hard to believe it is gone.

Woke up and had a splendid breakfast downstairs with Miss Delia. We talked about husbands and children and schooling and art and parents and parenting. I had eggs benedict; she had a colossal french toast with fruit! We both delighted in a spot of English Breakfast with cream.

Back upstairs, packed up, got down to the car and headed back towards Austin. Home again, home again.

Made a homemade coconut cream pie and now I”m starting on a chocolate creme pie. We had macaroni and cheese with CHILI and peas for dinner! It was end of the week, hadn’t had time to hop to the grocery store.

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  • andy-dog


    My, my , you are a busy little singer-songwriter!
    You’re very right, the ordering of songs is VERY important to the way an album flows and is perceived. Choose carefully, and feel free to consult with me, an expert on nearly everything, as you know!

    Umm, all those pies….Coconut cream and chocolate are my favorites, along with lemon icebox. I don’t see how you manage to find the time to bake them, but yum-yum for Lance and the girls!! Next time you’re gonna be in Ft. Worth, drop by, and we’ll bake a pie together!!

  • Saw you at FUMC Fort Worth on Saturday night and you were terrific! My two daughters (3 and 4) are now convinced that being a girl singer with a guitar is what they want to be!
    Thanks for the great music…You are right… Brave Combo is GREAT!

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