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  • barbara


    You look so extremely happy with your Lance-in-shining-armour at your side! My heart is so full of happiness for you both and my only hope is that you both will stay like this forever!!

  • unkietodd


    pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty goooooood photo!

    –Larry David

  • andy-dog


    It’s been 6 years since your lovely wedding. Seems like the years really do FLY, huh sweetie?
    Sara and I send you our warmest congratulations on your anniversary, and our condolences for all the stickers you got in your poor tired feet at Zilker Park. So glad to hear that Ron was able to attend your vow renewals. Hope to get you into the studio to work with me later this fall; we’re off to Maui this Friday for a couple of weeks. Paul is out on the road with Bonnie right now, but he will be back about the same time we will and I’ll get going again on my framework tracks.
    Prasado-Rao is gonna come in too; help me out with some arrangements, fiddle, and guitar.
    Sara was very pleased with her b-day card- thanks for remembering- you are the sweetest of friends.
    Take care and get some rest, O Human Dynamo!!

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