What A Day with Food/Exercise Means to Me Now

Training with David King has been a life-altering revelation. All my life, I’ve waited
for “someone else” to help my body be what I wanted it to be. I had magical thinking
that “tomorrow” I’d work out, I’d learn to take better care of myself. At 46, I came
to the realization that that “someone else” was ME.

When I was growing up, I played softball (pitcher/shortstop) and rode my bike around
the neighborhood. But, as I got older, I just became more involved in guitar and art,
and my sister was the athletic achiever—she played soccer and became astounding
at it. She even went over to Europe to compete, and won a soccer scholarship to
Colorado College. She was inspiring to me, but it still wasn’t enough to impact me
to find some sort of sport that I could engage in. Occassionally, I’d walk or hike,
but generally, as the years went on, I was just touring and eating, touring and eating,
late nights, lotsa fun, lotsa stress…Then, right before I had my first child, I had
a heartbreaking experience, and I started swimming. I was at 126, and I was amazed
at how different I looked and felt. Before I knew it, I was seeing Lily’s father, and we
had a whirlwind romance, which led to my pregnancy with Lily, and then…time marches
on. Nursing kept me slender for the first 2 1/2 years, but then, I started getting into
the old routine of work/eat and, of course, the addition of motherhood (which I love
with all my heart!)

Getting married to Lance and having iolana, I just never quite shed the weight after
she was born. But now my days were full with family, work, eat, snacks, errands, travel…
I kept piling onto my life and sort of forgetting about me. Don’t get me wrong—I
was happy!—but I was exhausted because, don’t forget, I was an hard core
insomniac for 22 years, which is alright when you’re a single rock-n-roller, but when you
add motherhood/wife/touring/bad eating habits/no exercise, you end up with a pretty
tired woman.

So, first I healed myself of what had been incurable sleep by going to Dr. Terry Smith who
led me to Dr. Marilyn Vache. And Dr. Vache did an EEG on my brain and figured out the
part that just NEVER turned off, I mean, NEVER. It talked and created and enjoyed itself with
somersaults and parties and it was the part of my brain keeping me up night after night.
Through her guidance, we found a medication that could help that area sleep, too, and now
I sleep! (I never realized….I mean, I knew I was tired, but wow….count your blessings if you
are one of those folks who naturally sleep 8 hours a night! What a glorious thing, to sleep!)

Thus, entered David King.

David King has been a guru for me because he’s glorified my desire to really love myself
by learning why, what and when I am putting food in my mouth. His workouts are fast,
hard, completely supportive (and fun!). I’ve never felt so THRILLED about exercise, sweat,
and caloric knowledge! David took the time to hear me, shared his clear, straightforward book
and goal setting technique, and he is turning me inside out into the gorgeous woman
I always longed to be. And I’m a busy person, like you, but he has empowered
me to make “tomorrow” TODAY everyday because I’m SO WORTH IT!
(And my family deserves a healthy, sleek, strong mamasita, too!)

I am completely, honestly amazed in the power
of what David has brought to me through conversation, through reading, through
the change in my eating habits, through intense, interesting exercise, and his encouraging
desire to help me be the best me I have ever been. I am grateful beyond words.

I also have the aid of http://www.calorieking.com, which is where I record my six daily meals/snacks.
It tracks my caloric intake for me—breaking down how much protein, fiber, sugars, fats, etc—
so I don’t have to do number counting myself. And David set up a program within the program
for me that shows what numbers I need to hit everyday for each category, and it makes it
fun for the goals to be met (I can also easily see where I am under or over in a category.)

So, here’s what a sample meal day looks like for me:

Breakfast snack—protein shake
Breakfast—Fiber one cereal, 3/4 cup and 1/2 cup plain soy
Lunch snack—10 almonds (I know you are thinking, “What?”…but 10 actually fill me up
and I love the ease of it)
Lunch—salad (lettuce/tomatoes/shaved carrots/scallions) and tuna steak (grilled) or
tuna (from water, not oil) from a can. No dressing whatsoever.
Dinner snack—10 almonds, piece of dry whole wheat toast
Dinner—salad, Boca veggie chicken pattie (dry, pan cooked, no oil)

And I drink 10-15 glasses of water a day. I’m supposed to drink 15, so I try my hardest.

Then, the exercise is that I commit to 4 times a week working out at least 15 minutes.
So, I might walk, or run, or both, or do jumping jacks, or ride a bike, and then on Tuesdays,
David comes over and we train.

I burn 500 calories in an hour with him.

So, there you have it.

It’s delicious, it’s satisfying, and I don’t miss food controlling my life. And I’m enjoying
the sweat.

I’m one grateful woman, I tell you what. Thank you, again to David for helping me on this
process, and for my family walking with me (good for them, too!) and encouraging me
on this process!


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  • Tricia M.


    Go Sara!

    Thanks for sharing all of that. I’m so excited to be following your journey. Can’t wait to hear more. Isn’t it funny how the hardest part is getting started?


  • a-dog


    You go, girl! You’re gorgeous whatever you weigh, but if you wanna weigh 128, yippee!!
    I’m still as sleek as a seal!! (when I’m sucking it in) Don’t forget to reward yourself once you’ve met some training targets!! xo, a-dog

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