July 30, 2006

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  • date night

    lance and i went to see “nobelity” tonight…the documentary by local legend turk pipkin.

    he interviewed 10 nobel prize winners…economists, environmentalists, chemists, mathmaticians, etc….on their thoughts on what to do on how to save our world

    check it out when you get a chance…

    i… Continue reading

  • kristin brushes her teeth

    and then i will brush my teeth
    and you will brush your teeth…

    and the diplomats around the world will brush their teeth
    and, perhaps, today….today will be the day the politicians of the world will come clean
    and brighten more than their smiles
    they will wake… Continue reading

  • eddy knocks on the door

    and grabs his gear from our room
    the sunshine pours in like a convict
    stealing the remaining hopes for sleep

    i give him his pay
    smile and say, “safe journey, amigo”
    and he’s on his way,
    back towards Little A

    now kristin is stirring and
    my mind will not… Continue reading

  • my children, my connection

    my last thought is of my children

    my lily, my io
    my garden of giggles and quick responses and funny riddles
    pancake griddles
    waffles, too

    art on the sidewalk, upside down, laughter all around
    watering plants, feeding fish, homework and unicycles
    unicorns and anime
    never any time of day
    i… Continue reading

  • my husband

    makes incredible homemade enchiladas…we call them “poppie’s enchiladas”…

    likes to take his time but can also be flexible and spontaneous

    folds slacks/shirts better than neiman’s

    cleans up after himself

    doesn’t care about yard work or plants…

    has a 16 year old cat

    has beautiful curly hair

    sometimes wears glasses

    is… Continue reading

  • bangladesh concert/tues upcoming

    i’ll be doing a duet with trish murphy for the re-staging of the complete bangladesh concert that george harrison gave in madison square garden.

    i hope my blogginess will have disappated by then…

    for the children…..

  • My Favorite Cake


    Although there is something to be said about making homemade fudge.

    Or rice krispies treats.

    I remember Kathy McCarthy’s mom had me over for St. Patrick’s day dinner one time, and she served green steak, green mashed potatoes, green beans and green milk.… Continue reading