The Show, The Soggy Bottom Bloggin’ Boys, My Feet

Ok I wore heels all night and my feet are killing me but you know what? Fashion hurts, my friends.

And I wore gray slacks…or “trousers”, as Kristin called them…we decided “slacks” and “trousers” need to be words that come back in style….

So, the Soggy Bottom Bloggin’ Boys…wow. What can I say except that Marty, Thomas and Devin are troopers to the extreme. They took 8943 pictures and I don’t recall having a cd release party documented so fully in such a long time!
They were sneaking up, taking a shot, running back to the laptop (which I STILL don’t know how they got downloads to work when there was no wi-fi…man, they are smart guys!) and they helped me out by posting pix here for you to keep my blogathon going.

And…Devin got up and sang….and blew everyone away…I had no idea! He was charming and kind and his voice was so soulful…What a blessing that was…I kept forgetting the opening chords to “The Best of Times” because…well, I have to tell you…I had some vanilla/cherry schnapps….and I was a little loopy! But, finally I got it together and we sang the song and thank you, Devin…For everything.

I wish you could have been at the show. Eddy, Kristin and I rocked and rolled and laughed and the audience was attentive and we just sang and sang and sang…Whoo.

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  • Good show Sara. I am really impressed that you remembered me from your shows at Caravan. I always love listening to you.


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