July 29, 2006

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  • John Colson

    There was a man in college with liquid eyes and a sculptor’s heart. He had flopsy blonde hair, sweet lips.

    I wonder where he is tonight; his name just popped into my brain for no apparent reason. Wouldn’t that be odd if he… Continue reading

  • Meanwhile, Back at the Hotel….

    …Kristin, Sara and Eddy finally make it back to the Super 8, unpack their gear, deal with sweat and fatigue and we gave a two hour, fifteen minute show and it was beyond SUPER 8 GREAT!!!!!

  • Two More Pics

    When she gets off stage, I’ll have to have Sara tell you about “the way she cured her ADD.” I couldn’t do it justice.

    In the meanwhile…

  • A Pumpkin On Stage

    A couple of shots, courtesy of Thomas Moore:

    Sara just named our merry little band of technology dweebs — The Soggy Bottom Bloggin’ Boys. Has a ring to it, it does.

    More later — just fighting technology, doncha know?

  • Guest Post-O-Rama!

    Hey, gang… Devin Pike here, from El Blog de Los Amigos. Sara’s on stage right now, singing “Two Days Today” and sounding amazing. (I know, big surprise.) While she’s doing the “record release party” thang, I’ll be posting photos… Continue reading

  • Time to Brush my Teeth

    Ah…nothing like fresh breath!

    You know how some basketball players can only play in their lucky shoes? Well, I like to brush my teeth before a show. Vocally, it just makes me feel on top of my game!

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