The Forty-First Year

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I blew out my throat. It was on fire, it hurt so bad. But, it was my birthday. I was going to drive to Corpus Christi with my dear, dear […]

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St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Trip

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My friend, Alice, has a story that must be told. Many, many moons ago, she was living in Dallas, working at a fancy ad agency as a copy writer, making […]

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But wait! You also get…

..another entry! Because today..I also found out I have ten paintings that are going to be in a museum exhibit with Terry Allen, Joe Ely, Ethan Ezarian, Bale Allen, Bob […]

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Radiation Man #1

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I am so freakin’ happy right now! I can not believe what people are doing to support BIG KID and the song, RADIATION MAN!!!!! It must be a dream, except […]

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Thrilled Beyond Words

Do you ever have a day where you just can’t stop smiling? Maybe nothing specific or gigantic happens, but you just feel like you are going to explode with joy? […]

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Then They Woke Up To The Fact That Every Choice We Make Affects Someone On This Planet

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Nicole was in make-up. Filming wasn’t due to begin for another four to five hours, due to the fact one of the lights had blown and the director was in […]

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Perfectly Perfect Food Day

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Sara’s appearance on “Food 911” will be broadcast on the Food Network, September 21 at 3:00pm ET and September 25 at 7:30am. See you there! At 8:15 a.m., the lighting […]

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Booties, Surfing, Ruminations

My feet are wearing these hand knit booties… I love the colors—black, neon green,black, plum,black, burgundy and sweet pink…followed by more black. For some reason, I have always been attracted […]

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Food 911

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This Wednesday FOOD 911 is coming to my house to shoot a Mad Hatter Tea Party with my family. I will let you know the outcome. And the recipes!

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What a Week

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I have a pounding sinus infection, the kind that makes you want to stick a vaccuum attachment up your nose in hopes of removing everything…even the brain, if it brings […]

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Canoes And Swans

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As you enter a canoe, I sort of like the uncertainty of the boat. It sways. It rocks. The ones I use are the old fashioned metal kind, so as […]

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| 2 Comments on Excited

Recently, I went to speak at Baranoff Elementary as part of their Authors Workshop. I taught two creative writing classes to 9-12 year olds. As I finished the second successful […]

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Safe Place

Wednesday I visited the children of Safe Place here in Austin… The first group of kids I played with were four to seven or eight. We gathered in a art/play […]

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| 2 Comments on Eyebrows

Is it just me, but what’s up with women plucking their eyebrows until they are a thin uninteresting line? I just have two words about that: STOP IT. Your eyebrows […]

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Getting Out of My Own Way

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There is nothing lovelier than the solid feeling of floating in confidence; not the cocky or educated kind of confidence, but the confidence that you can let go and just […]

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Texas Department of Regulatory and Protective Services

Today is the day! Today is the day. I am thrilled and deeply honored to be speaking today. I am going to take myself into the women’s room when I […]

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| 1 Comment on Friday

This Friday I speak for the Texas Department of Regulatory and Protective Services for an hour and a half. My hope is to lift up the social workers who will […]

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Homeless Sunrise Service

This morning at 6:30 a.m. was the third time I have attended the Homeless Sunrise Service. Each year, Richard Troxell has kindly asked me to sing during the service. It’s […]

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Life and What that Means Today

I am grateful that my children, and my husband, are healthy after suffering a horrible virus. Lily’s fever reached 103. All are well now. I am grateful that a mom […]

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Weapons of Mass Destruction

| 3 Comments on Weapons of Mass Destruction

The only country that has ever actually used weapons of mass destruction is the United States, and we used them twice. Who watches over us, and makes sure that we […]

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The Austin Zoo Release Party

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Wow! What a great evening…! Tonight, we celebrated the release of BIG KID at the Austin Zoo…lots of new faces, happy families and wonderful friends. The weather was lovely: sunny […]

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Israeli Pilots

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This morning I read in the paper how a group of 27 Israeli reserve pilots have signed a petition refusing to take part in what they felt were “illegal and […]

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Jhumpa Lahiri

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I really loved her book, ” Interpreter of Maladies “, a collection of short stories that I thought were exquisitely written. I’m excited that she has released her first novel, […]

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